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Gardenia Beam

Owner & Founder

I discovered Pilates 9 years ago when I met my teacher Yvonne Kurr who is now a dear friend. Her passion and knowledge was addictive and that’s when I became…addicted!

I was an adrenaline junkie and always looking out for the latest fitness fad, however nothing quite kept my attention both physically and mentally as much as Pilates and I was reaping the benefits for days after.

It was in those sessions that a light bulb went off in my head and I thought – I would love to do this!

Pilates pose

Ten years ago, I started to feel a lot of back pain and a strange pain under one of my feet. I underwent weekly Physio for a couple of months and he explained the pain was being caused by a weak pelvic floor which was making my whole body unbalanced. He recommended that I started practicing Pilates.

It was through practicing Pilates that enabled me to alleviate the pain and through my own Pilates training I am now able to maintain my strength & continue to improve my fitness whilst staying out of pain.

I wanted to help people through the same thing but it wasn’t until I dug deep into what Pilates course I should do that I really understood how the classical Pilates method helps everyone.

My dream was to open a studio and help other people realize their abilities whether it be through overcoming back pain, helping with anxiety/depression or working with sports professionals to enhance their current training regime.

Giving back and watching clients become stronger, more flexible, shake off bad postural habits and fall in love with this method just like I did 9 years ago is wonderful to see.

I’ve seen how the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself when trained well.

My heart and soul is in the studio coupled with Joseph's Pilates through his work and I want to share it with as many people as possible.

I look forward to meeting you.
Gardenia x

Ambre Mahieddine

From France, Ambre has lived in Dubai & Singapore before settling in Sydney in February 2022. 

During the pandemic she got stranded on a small island in the Seychelles, which gave her plenty of time to look within. When she was able to get out the island, she began a transition from Corporate work to a life with more purpose.

Ambre is a certified Hatha Vinyasa (200h RYT), Yin (100h RYT) & Kundalini yoga (300h RYT) teacher. She is passionate about creating sequences with special intention whether it is a physical or emotional focus.

As part of her on-going study she will sprinkle some Ayurveda, Lunar wisdom & traditional Chinese medicine knowledge in her classes so you have a better understanding of your body-mind connection.

She loves to travel and cannot get through a day without connection to Nature.

Carolina Delgado Díaz profile

Carolina Delgado Díaz

Carolina is an internationally qualified Reformer, Mat Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer with over 30 years of expertise.  She has instructed an array of programs in Germany, Spain and Australia.
She studied under renowned Pilates Educator Gideon Avrahami, who has been a huge influence on her career.  One of the great attributes of Pilates for Carolina is that a program can be designed to suit anyone, irrespective of sex, age and fitness levels.
Carolina is a strong believer in tailoring workouts to progressively deliver the many benefits that Pilates offers, as a stand-alone fitness program or as a supplement to a person’s specific training for other activities.

Ashtanga Yoga pose

Charlotte Winston

Charlotte has taught in Bangkok and Hong Kong and most recently at Yangon Yoga House, Myanmar and Mandala Wellness and Sculpt and Shape, both in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

For the last two years, unable to get back to Asia due to the pandemic,  she has had a private teaching practice in Surrey, UK.  Her teaching and practice spans over 15 years and continues in Australia Her classes are strong, challenging, intelligently sequenced and informative  with a focus on anatomical alignment principals.

Charlotte is certified 200Hr YTT Vinyassa Ashtanga through Adrian Cox, Yoga Elements Bangkok. 200Hr YTT Vinyassa/Ashtanga through Lucas Rockwood, Yogabody, Barcelona. 200Hr YTT Hot Yoga through Absolute Yoga Thailand. Charlotte continues her Ashtanga studies with her teacher Adam Keen from Keenonyoga, Marseille.

Chrisen Presence profile

Chrisen Presence

Chrisen began teaching Pilates in 2009 in Sydney.
He is experienced in personal training, teaching group classes, and Clinical Rehab Pilates.
He has worked at renowned Pilates studios, gyms and physiotherapy clinics in Sydney and London.
Chrisen is a fully certified STOTTPILATES® instructor, a personal trainer, a certified and Yoga instructor.
He brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients, having also studied a Bachelor of Arts and Science majoring in Anatomy and Music.

He has a distinctive style and is known for teaching with warmth, encouragement and positivity. He combines his Pilates teaching with his strength and conditioning skillset to tailor his sessions to each individual client.
He loves to help his clients be strong, free of pain and move with confidence.

Outside of the studio, Chrisen facilitates Pilates instructor training courses and is a musician, singer and a songwriter. You can find his music on Spotify under his stage name: Chrisen Presence

Amelia Bros profile

Amelia Bros

Amelia is a fully qualified personal trainer who has been training clients and running group classes for over a decade. She has refined her knowledge and training to provide the best results for her clients. She specialises in weight training, Pilates Reformer/ Mat, boxing, HIIT, and Pre/Post Pregnancy training.  

Her mission is to empower and educate others to become the best version of themselves.

Amelia is mother to a beautiful baby girl.

Barbara Galvão

From Brazil, Barbara has been living in Australia since 2018. For her, Yoga is a universal transforming tool that helps people to interpret life from different perspectives. She has been practicing Yoga & Meditation since 2015. 

Hatha Yoga instructor, Barbara is a certified Holistic and Yoga Therapist (800hrs YTT) by the College of Sports and Fitness, Sydney.
Her goal is to help people to develop and become the better version of themselves through asanas, meditation and breathing techniques

Bar Shapira

From Israel, Bar moved to Australia at the end of 2022.

She graduated in Physical Education in 2020 but started practicing Pilates at the age of 17. Bar qualified as a Pilates instructor 7 years ago in 2015.

She is also a qualified personal trainer, swimming instructor and coach, as well as a massage therapist.

For the past 8 years, she has been working with people who have chronic pain, injuries and are in rehabilitation, prenatal and postnatal.

Victoria Hevyak

Victoria goes by the nickname Vik.

She holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Olympic and Professional Sports, with a specialization in rhythmic gymnastics, and is a fully qualified instructor in Mat, reformer, and Cadillac Pilates. In addition, Vik is expertly trained and accredited by Eugenia Radionova international massage school in Kiev.

Vik has the ability to motivate people with a smile, kindness, and love during their workouts.

Before settling in Ukraine to operate her fitness company, Vstudio Fitness Factory, she spent several years traveling the world as a professional dancer.

Victoria is passionate about making her clients happy and helping them feel better after her classes.

Her love of travel also allows her to experience different cultures, people, and things, which she finds inspiring.

However, due to the war in Ukraine, she was forced to flee to Sydney as a refugee. Despite the challenges she faced, Vik remains determined to make the best of her life in Australia and share her knowledge and experience with those around her. As the saying goes, "Where there's a Will, there's a way."

Yulia Golovashchenko

Practicing for 13 years and teaching for 7 years, Yulia is a highly qualified yoga instructor with a complete 500-hour certification. Her studies have included Ashtanga, Hatha, and Yin yoga.Yulia's teaching draws on several types of yoga, utilizing movement and breath to help students find stillness and focus. Her approach aims to bring together the body, mind, and heart in the present moment.Yulia has dedicated herself to the practice, study, and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 2010 while traveling through India and Asia. Her passion and commitment shine through in her classes, providing students with a transformative and enriching yoga experience.

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